Cornelius Vermuyden School has been awarded the Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA) for a period of three years.

Mr I Hockey, Headteacher
October 8, 2019

I am delighted that today the school has been awarded the ‘Leading Parent Partnership Award’ (LPPA).

LPPA is a national kitemark award that provides us with a valuable framework for continuing school improvement and gives us recognition for our commitment to working with parents and carers.


The long-term benefits of the LPPA include (but are not limited to):


- Increased parent participation and involvement;

- Enhanced parents’ support in children’s learning;

- Improved communication between home and school.


Following my appointment in January, fostering improved, positive relationships with parents has been a key strategic priority and the school has worked tirelessly to make improvements in this area over the last ten months.

I am delighted that the final verification report published today states:-

‘There is a new openness and increased engagement between staff at the school and parents which is modelled to all from the top and appreciated by all.’

‘Parents feel much more involved in the life of the school and are increasingly taking advantage of the opportunities being provided by the school to participate in the life of the school, as well as the learning of their children.’

‘Parents feel that they have a voice, are listened to constructively and receive feedback on matters that they raise whether individually or collectively. They have clear channels of communication to leaders and teachers and use these in an appropriate and respectful way. Teachers are positive about the increased communication and feel it is manageable.’

‘Communication has been strengthened further and has a sharper focus on actively engaging parents in their child’s learning journey and in the life of the school. They receive regular updates about achievement, clear information and feedback about homework and constructive practical support to enable them to support their child’s learning at home.’

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of staff, governors and parents/carers who have contributed to this vital achievement since my appointment.

I have no doubt that this success will be a platform for the school to continue to improve and drive up standards across all aspects of the school.

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National association of
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Cornelius Vermuyden are an official member of NACE (National association of Able Children in England).

Not only does this partnership support our development of our highest achieving pupils, it supports the development of every pupil in the school. We are committed to ensuring that a high level of challenge exists in the classroom in every lesson and to help potential convert to success and happiness for our pupils. We are firm believers that "rising tides lift all ships" and that if all students have a daily diet of challenging experiences at school and beyond, then this will help support their educational and personal development as learners and as people. Yet, as our 2016 GCSE results showed, those who come to us classed as more able achieve incredible results – for example, Callum Cuthbert leaving the school with 11 A* grades is an achievement that is not just well above the national average in terms of progress and achievement, but one that should be celebrated in terms of the school's work with its high achieving pupils.

However, here at Cornelius Vermuyden, we promote the ethos that all children must be given access to a positive mindset in terms of their learning. The message is clear; all young people are capable of reaching any goal they set their mind to if they are challenged and show a positive attitude to self - improvement . Cornelius Vermuyden places challenge and the importance of a 'growth mindset' at the heart of its teaching and learning vision for our pupils and our association with NACE is supporting this commitment to all pupils at the school.

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