Student Reading

We use Renaissance Learning to ‘Star Test’ you, which assess your reading age.

From this test, you will receive a reading age and ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development). The ZPD gives you a numerical range (for example 4.0 – 6.3). These numbers correspond to book ratings, which are labelled on the books in our library. This enables you to select books that are suitable for your reading ability.

If your parents want to find out more information about this, please click here.

See the two websites below to find out book ratings and suitability, and to access comprehension quizzes on books.

At this site pupils can quiz on books they have completed. It checks their comprehension of what they have read and keeps a log of their progress.

At this site, pupils can search books and find out the rating of the book to see whether it is a suitable book for them to read. They can check the number rating of the book and see if it is within their ZPD.

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