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Press Release

This year’s Year 11 cohort are the first to have sat examinations since 2019. Its sometimes easy to forget that this cohort of students entered their final year of school under COVID restrictions, and many will have felt uncertain as to whether examinations would have taken place at all. Sitting exams is an experience that can be very stressful, and our young people have not only navigated them with confidence and maturity but have done so following two years of disruptions to both their learning and their lives.


USP Visit

On 29th June, as part of our Careers program the Year 10s were given the opportunity to attend a day at USP College. The pupils were offered a range of activities to do so that they gained an understanding of the courses on offer at the college and the chance to meet with staff and pupils.


Year 11 Leavers Assembly

On June 29th, the school hosted the Year 11 Leavers assembly where staff, Year 11 pupils, and their families were invited to an assembly and a barbecue. The event was an emotional one for everyone involved with speeches from the Headteacher Mr. Hockey, Deputy Head Mrs. Halpin, and Ms. Marsden HOY11 and pupils.

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