Paul Karslake Painting

The painting was commissioned by the school to celebrate the opening of the new school in 2012. Local artist Paul Karslake, produced the painting for the school and presented it to the school shortly after the new school had been opened.

Paul was a friend of the school who worked with art students to develop paintings, gave tours of his workshop in Leigh on Sea and took students to the opening of his exhibition in London. He was a passionate artist who painted a number of celebrities including the Rolling stones and Beatles band members , Michael Caine, Johnny Depp, Grace Kelly and loved to add little twists to his paintings.

The picture is a reflection of the aspirations our students hold and what they aim to achieve. Pictured in this fantastic piece of artwork are a number of famous people from throughout the ages. Notable faces include Mary Seacole, Salvador Dali Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein JRR Tolkien and Usain Bolt.
There are many others and some hidden surprises - can you see them?

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