Student Resources

At Cornelius Vermuyden we use a variety of online platforms and resources to aid learning outside the classroom. Links can be found below:


Seneca Learning is a platform suitable for all students and it covers all subjects.

Show my Homework

Show my homework is for all pupils. Here you will find the personalised homework set by your teacher.


GCSEPod is suitable for KS4 pupils and it covers 27 GCSE subjects enabling them to revise from wherever they are, on any device and it is particularly suited to remote learning.

Oak National Academy

Visit the online classroom and access our free lessons. Here you can search for lessons by subject and year group, or follow our suggested weekly schedule.

BBC Teach

This website is home to thousands of free curriculum-mapped videos, arranged by age-group and subject.

Ted Ed

Discover hundreds of animated lessons, create customized lessons, and share your big ideas.

Exam Boards

Please click on the links below to visit the exam boards that we use:





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