Gangsline Assembly Tuesday 19th September 2023

M Sweeny
October 2, 2023

Year 7 students attended a ‘Gangsline’ assembly on September 19th. This was a hard-hitting presentation that taught our young people about local gangs, the make-up of a gang member, female sexual exploitation, grooming and initiation into gangs and the dangers of drugs.

As a school, we are always looking to build resilience in our students and raise awareness around the dangers of gang culture. This assembly provided students with a greater understanding of the myths surrounding gang culture. while also giving students a greater understanding of the nature of peer groups which are characterised by violence.

All students were shown the real life impacts of gangs in their communities and even had the fantastic opportunity to ask questions and confide in an ex-gang member, Sheldon Thomas.

Thank you to Sheldon Thomas from @Gangsline for delivering this fantastic assembly. You can follow @Gangsline on Twitter

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