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Essential staff reading

Using Immersive Reader to enable a reading culture at Cornelius Vermuyden.

When developing classroom practice it is important for a teacher to consistently reflect and evaluate the following two concepts why and how, for example, why does this style of learning appeal to one set but not another, how could I adapt my lessons to ensure progress for all. When staff question their own understanding, it should be reflective which is why I started to think about the use of our R.E.A.D strategy and how I could adapt my own understanding and why it would be imperative to explore the use of reading in a classroom setting.


Fixed Ability: Number 4 and Dignity

I like English! I don't like English. Where do these statements come from? How can you like or dislike English? Young people use words/phrases and hopefully sentences every day! They talk; they certainly do talk! Surely, they realise, every word they say, every letter/word they write in school, at home, on their phone – it's all English! Sadly, I have heard these statements: I like and I don't like too many times. (Hold this thought for the moment!)


Raising the profile of Modern Foreign Languages in schools

In an ever-changing global society, teachers and leaders at all levels recognise the importance of promoting our subjects, both in the classroom as well as in the local community and beyond. When doing so it is vital to lead from the front to build strong foundations and emphasise the crucial role that languages play in our young people’s future careers and life experiences.


August 2021 Website Blog

Whilst GCSE results day marks the end of one journey is signifies the exciting beginning of another. Today marks the day that many of you will be accepting your college placements, or apprenticeships ready for the next stage of your education.


Education is about so much more than getting a job

Teacher Wesley Smith has recently wrote an article for the website spiked entitled "Education is about so much more than getting a job" click below to read this article on the Spiked website


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