Mental Health Awareness Weak 15th-21st May

Miss Goodger
May 25, 2023

During this week Cornelius students and staff were invited to access a verity of activities to help spread awareness for mental health. This years theme was 'anxiety' and all students received an assembly on different types of anxiety and how best to recognise and deal with this.

Staff participated in a anxiety reducing climbing session, although for some this took them completely our of their comfort zone. This was a s great session to allow all staff to attend and have a go on the wall. It was fun exciting and filled with laughter. What a great way to de stress and relax.

Lastly on Friday 19th May staff and students took part in a national wear something green day. This allowed us all to spread the awareness of mental health and anxiety, and stand with solidarity with all who may be experiencing poor mental health. Thank you to all staff, parents and students who took part in the event this week.
Miss Goodger

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