Awards Assembly

Carol Skewes - Headteacher
July 20, 2017

This week the school has been holding its awards assemblies for both Upper and Lower school students. The focus of the awards has been around Respect, Resilience and Responsibility. Key members of staff from both the Pastoral Team and Senior Leadership Team have selected students for various awards.

(Top Yr 7 From Left to right – Ryan Johnstone, Katie-Jane Cox, Charlotte Balcombe, Scarlett Thomas-Morley)

The following are the citations explaining why each student has been nominated for specific awards;

Year 9

(Yr 9 Back row L TO R - Sam Edwards, Jack Bush, Ethan Lewis, Charlotte Hills Front Row L to R - Hollie Barber-Harrison, Ellie Mcnelis, Tianee Wastell)

Respect - Hollie Barber-Harrison. Outstanding attendance, immaculate uniform and praised by all member of staff on her attitude towards learning and her respect to all staff and peers.

Resilience - Jack Bush. After a significant time off due to an illness that threatened his life, Jack has made considerable steps to getting back to daily life, day by day, with a drive and passion to come back to school.


Responsibility - Ethan Lewis. Taken on additional responsibilities this year, including graduating from the Brilliant Club, completing, in his own time, the Essex Rotary Leadership Award, extra-curricular sporting achievements and inter-house organisation and responsibilities.

Assistant Headteacher’s Award - Tianee Wastell. 100 per cent attendance, assisted with Creativity Days, on target for all end of year grades. A smart, well mannered student who is committed to making progress and takes pride in the school, her work and conduct.


Deputy Headteachers’ Awards

Sam Forward - An extremely polite, mature and dedicated student who is has excelled in all areas this year. His commitment to learning and progress he has made is reflected in his 100% attendance and achievement with the Brilliant Club.

Charlotte Hills - Has stepped outside of her comfort zone this year, further committing to the school via inter-house commitments, tutor activities and support with parents evening. Always well presented, Charlotte is a mature and conscientious student who has made good progress in her attainment in all subjects.

Head Teacher’s Award

Ellie Mcnelis - Scored in the top 3 in the MENSA scheme, supported in Creativity Days, graduated from the Brilliant Club and has an outstanding 100 per cent attendance record. Her commitment to the school cannot be faulted, including her extra-curricular and inter-house sports. Her attitude to learning cannot be faulted.

Year 10

(Yr 10 Grace Sanderson, Nicola Hull, Lucy Millar, Daisy Knowland, Brooklyn Walker Kahn Salih)

Respect - Nicola Hull. Is a member of all the year group sports teams, has been selected as a prefect, has 100% attendance and also participate in key extra-curricular activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme.

Responsibility - Daisy Knowland. Is always willing to help others, attends several after school interventions, is a member of the school’s peer listener group, has excellent attendance and, through her role with the Student Council, is helping to develop key areas of the school.

Resilience - Grace Sanderson. Demonstrated true resilience in her studies and attitude towards school. She attends after school sessions in several subjects, including the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, has good attendance and supports the school through her roles as a peer Listener and Prefect.

Assistant Headteacher’s Award – Brooklyn Walker. Is a Senior Prefect who has perform well in all subjects throughout this academic year and in many subjects she has exceeded expectations. She is always willing to help and supportive to staff and peers.

Deputy Headteachers’ Awards

Joe Gladman - is a Prefect who has been meeting or exceeding his targets in his subjects, especially English. He fully participates in the school extra-curricular activities and is a member of the current Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme and has100% attendance.

Lucy Miller - Prefect, works hard across subjects, attends intervention sessions, supports events by taking pictures, Peer Listener and 99% attendance.

Headteacher’s Award - Kaan Salid has been selected for the Headteacher’s award due to his continual efforts and the fact that this has resulted in him achieving above his expected target levels in a number of key subjects. He is a member of our Prefect team and this year has achieved 100% attendance.

Year 7 Awards

Respect - Keagan Dickinson (7P1): immaculate uniform and presentation, 98% attendance, a key member of the Year 7 Transition Team (including on a non-pupil day) and participated in many House competitions and events on a regular basis throughout the year.

Resilience - Alicia Cook (7P5): produced and delivered an excellent and very powerful and personal Year Group Assembly on anxiety and overcoming personal obstacles. An example to the Year Group and still able to boast 97% attendance.

Responsibility - Callum Young (7P2): a key member of the Year 7 Transition Team (including on a non-pupil day), a School Librarian and 98% attendance. Always gives 100% and looks for opportunities to volunteer and demonstrate responsibility.

Headteacher’s Award - Katie-Jane Cox (7P7): 100% school attendance and the top performing student in the recent MENSA assessment. An outstanding achievement.

Deputy Headteacher’s Award - Charlotte Balcombe (7P5): a strong academic performer with her sights set firmly on a place at University, a key member of the Year 7 Transition Team (including on a non-pupil day) and 100% attendance.

Deputy Headteacher’s Award - Scarlett Thomas-Morley (7P4): a key member of the Year 7 Transition Team (including on a non-pupil day), 99% attendance, impressive levels of dedication and effort in lessons and when she was not charged in the School Canteen, she returned, explained, and paid what she owed. An outstanding act of citizenship.

Assistant Headteacher’s Award - Ryan Johnstone (7P1): immaculate uniform and presentation, 99% attendance, a key member of the Year 7 Transition Team (including on a non-pupil day), participated in many extra-curricular and House events throughout the year and always polite and eager to help.

Year 8 Awards

Respect - Grace Banks (8M6): immaculate uniform and presentation, and often volunteers to lead guests and visitors around the school. Participates in many House events and competitions and represents the school playing netball.

Resilience - Daniel Edwards (8M4): overcome a family bereavement this year with a good record of attendance at school and has represented the school on many occasions playing football for the Year 8 team.

Responsibility - Ty Walker (8M5): 98% attendance, making better than expected progress in multiple subject areas and also raised £1200 for Leukaemia Research – an outstanding achievement and example of a young person taking responsibility to help others.

Headteacher’s Award - Michael Doran (8M6): immaculate uniform and presentation, outstanding MENSA score (top 1%), making better than expected progress in all subject areas and achieved a First Class in this year’s Brilliant Club project.

Deputy Headteacher’s Award - Amy Tebbs (8M6): achieved a 2.1 in the Brilliant Club project this year, making better than expected progress in several subject areas and participating in the Authors' Apprenticeship scheme - Amy helps to choose the plot, title and characters for a book to be published next year.

Deputy Headteacher’s Award - Lottie Harris (8M3): 100% attendance, hugely committed to the school, attends sports training on a regular basis and represents the school in several sporting teams, enjoyed a major role in the recent school production and is making better than expected progress in many subject areas.

Assistant Headteacher’s Award - Luke Bull (8M5): 98% attendance, highly dedicated and committed to sports training and representing the school in a number of different sports and displays excellent leadership qualities to other members of the Year Group.

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